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Next 36

For any student across Canada, this program provides Investment, Mentorship, Founder Development, Advisory Resources, Service Support and Networking Opportunities.“The Next 36 is a program that provides Canada’s highest potential young entrepreneurs with the mentorship, capital and founder development opportunities they need to launch their ventures and create impact for years to come” “For eight months, 36 young entrepreneurs are mentored by successful Canadian entrepreneurs and business leaders, taught by some of the world's top faculty, and seek funding from top investors to build their venture” “The program is focused on innovative university undergraduates and recent grads based on their entrepreneurial potential. While the majority of our young entrepreneurs have already built a prior business or social enterprise, this is not a prerequisite for acceptance to the program. The Next 36 is designed to support existing sets of co-founders with an early stage idea, as well as exceptional young Canadians looking for the right team and a disruptive idea.”

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